In the Scottish Countryside two Americans have gotten completely lost. Tommy Albright (Gene Kelly) and his best friend Jeff (Van Johnson) are in the middle of nowhere according to the map, but mysteriously they see a small village emerge from the mist. When they enter the town everyone treats them as if they had never seen an outsider before. The only person who isn’t afraid of the seemingly out-of-place intruders is Fiona Cambell (Cyd Charisse), who is getting ready for her sister’s wedding, as the whole town is. Tommy and Fiona immediately fall for each other, but before they can be together he must figure out this odd towns biggest secret, and be able to live with it.

This quirky and romantic film was a bit of a flop when it first came out. Understandably they couldn’t actually film in Scotland because the production cost would have been too high, so unfortunately the sets looked like sets instead of roaming hills and country side. However, the musical tunes and lovable characters made it worth putting up with the painted sets and loud costumes. Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse had many dancing scenes in this film, their graceful ballet made the movie all the more romantic. The entire cast, even many of the extras, were wonderful dancers and many of them got to show it off. I was pleasantly surprised that by the end of the movie there had been very few drawn out dancing scenes, which many Kelly films tend to succumb to. This is understandable since he was such a talented dancer, but they are rarely necessary to the plot and the movies can sometimes drown in them. Instead there remained a nice balance throughout the film of singing, humor, romanticism, and choreography. Even a little heartbreak was thrown in, which made the film that much more touching.

The original Broadway hit was translated very well onto the big screen for everyone to enjoy. Dancing couples, wedding preparations, skeptical townsfolk, and a whole plethora of other eccentric touches make this movie a good one to watch on a night in.

Brigadoon at IMDB

The Heather on the Hill on YouTube

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4 Responses to Brigadoon

  1. Claire Beszhak says:

    I can’t stress enough about how much I love dancing in musicals.

    A lot of the time things that start on Broadway turn in to something completely different on screen but you’re making it seem as though it was pretty similar, correct?

    • Kayleigh says:

      I actually haven’t seen the Broadway version, though from what I have read they did take some songs out for times sake. Though what I meant was this movie, whether a Broadway play or not, was done very well.

  2. Julia Perrier says:

    As far as I’m concerned Kelly’s dancing is brilliant whether it has anything to do with the plot or not. I’d watch him dance all day if I could. Brigadoon has and always will be one of my favorites.

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