Easter Parade

The famous dancing duo, Don Hewes (Fred Astaire) and Nadine Hale (Ann Miller), are about to go on tour when Nadine decides that she is going to take her own solo job and leave Don in the dust. Don is heartbroken, having lost the love of his life and popular dancing companion in one foul swoop. He’s so upset that he literally picks the next dancer he sees to replace her. Hannah Brown (Judy Garland) is just a small time performer in an even smaller town bar, but it is now up to Don to make her into something great! To prove, to himself and Nadine, that they can out-dance her any day.

Love and infatuation play a huge part in this movie, the greatest part about it was that there wasn’t just a love triangle but a love square. Ann Miller and Peter Lawford play excellent supporting roles that are also entangled in this messy situation, which makes up the bulk of the plot. The movie was also filled with cute and comedic moments. Judy Garland really shone, bringing out her funny side, but don’t worry she brought out plenty of her classic deep voice too. Then there was Fred Astaire who was really in his dancing element in this movie. Right off the bat he brings out an incredibly entertaining song and dance number to start out the movie, and the entertainment only continues throughout. The pairing of Garland and Astaire couldn’t have been more perfect, each adding their own personal expertise’s and making one brilliant show. Unfortunately, the love square that was so interesting at the beginning didn’t really pan out to meet my expectations in the end. However, this movie turned out with a lovely conclusion (if just a bit flawed), and catchy lyrics ran throughout the movie, ones that I could happily sing along to.

This is a movie I would gladly sit through and watch again. It only seems natural that it won an Oscar for Best Music. It truly was one of my favorites and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a well-written and well-performed movie that just makes you smile all the way through.

Easter Parade at IMDB

Happy Easter- Fred Astaire on YouTube

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3 Responses to Easter Parade

  1. Loving the info on this site, you have done great job on the posts.

  2. Susan Fullerton says:

    I had forgotten about this movie – I need to put it on my list to watch

  3. Keith Van Dierendonck says:

    This is not one I am familiar with. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks.

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