On the Town

In a New York harbor, three sailors have just gotten off the boat, and are excited for their 24 hour shore leave. Gabey (Gene Kelly), Chip (Frank Sinatra), and Ozzie (Jules Munshin) are all planning to find adventure and romance before the day is out, but when Gabey sets his sites on a small time celebrity “Ms. Turnstiles” (Vera- Ellen) he threatens to ruin every ones time by going on a wild goose chase to look for her. Fortunately, along the way, the sailors find some nice gals to help them in the search and, as adventure ensues, they realize their day’s may not have been ruined by this chase after all.

An incredibly lively movie all the way through. It did a fantastic job throwing together a cast with remarkable talents, and making them all shine together and individually. Sinatra and Kelly are a pairing that blew my mind with excitement; while even one of them would be enough to make me ecstatic, the two men together sent me over the moon. Kelly, who choreographed and co-directed the film, pulled out all the dancing stops while Sinatra serenaded you. The result? The most charming pair anyone could have imagined. The females in the movie held their own as well. Especially Betty Garrett who plays a quirky cab driver that quickly sets her sites on Sinatra’s character, Chip. She brought her own style of humor to this film that made it all the more enjoyable. But as much as I loved the individual performances everyone really put their best foot forward when they were all together. The coupling of the small town sailors with the big city girls created such a wonderful story, of such sweet infatuation, that it made me giggle at their giddiness. The lyrics were so-so and the plot simple, but it was more than supplemented by the unbelievable cast.

It makes a movie a pleasure to watch when you have a crew such as these men and women. MGM got it right once again, combining immense talent with a modified Broadway hit, to make one brilliant movie that showcases all the cast has to offer. Gene Kelly’s directorial debut is one to be watched and remembered.

On the Town at IMDB

Come Up to My Place- Frank Sinatra and Betty Garrett on YouTube

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One Response to On the Town

  1. Susan Fullerton says:

    yet another musical I have not seen – will have to look for it! Great review, Kayleigh!

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